Sintra: Pena National Palace Part II

January 30, 2014

The dramatic entrance
A very scary looking sculpture
I can't believe that this palace exists. It feels like a palace from a fairytale book.
Inside the palace was also exquisite. The dining room table and chairs reminded me of my grandparents furniture.
The kitchen reminds me a little bit of Downton Abbey.
Peeking out to see the view from this tiny window.
Ended the tour by having a hot chocolate outside the cafe!


  1. This is my favourite castle in Portugal, if not ever. It's so unique and gorgeous and my mind gets boggled every time.

  2. that is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. my favorite! i felt like i was in a fairytale when i was there!

  4. Amazing. I love the hint of the flag you can see.


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