Mayan Village

November 15, 2012

Lunch followed after our swim. Our whole group was starving. We drove to a Mayan Village and stopped at a restaurant for a traditional meal. Food came quickly. 
Our traditional Mayan style chicken. Everyone got the same food and as our guide told us, "lunch choice for today is chicken, or chicken, or chicken".
We had a chance to tour around the village after lunch and we visited the one and only midwife in the village. She was such and gracious lady. She was making tortillas for the whole village when we came to her house.
fresh tortillas!
We were privileged enough to get a blessing from the village Shaman as well. The children from the village also danced for us. The most adorable kids!!

Mayan dance from Christine loves to Travel on Vimeo
A video of the children performing a traditional dance (and we got to join in).
I really enjoyed the whole tour. It gave me so much history and knowledge about of the Mayan culture and people.


  1. Seems like such an interesting place and culture to immerse yourself in :)


  2. Great picture i would looove to go there and immerse myself in their culture ! I bet we all have a lot of things to learn from them !!

    XX Selma

  3. what an amazing experience, for real...thanks for sharing the pics!


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