Grand Palace

May 13, 2011

This is the Grand Palace. It's stunning but I still prefer the other buildings inside the compound. I especially love the temples! You really need to spend a full day walking around because the complex has a lot of different buildings. It was such a hot day and I was wearing jeans because of the dress code that they have is strictly enforced. I should have worn a long skirt but I didn't have time to shop.

I only spent a couple of days in Bangkok because the humidity was killing me. I had to escape to the beaches so I had about 3 days to visit all the temples and main attractions. I'm sure I probably missed a million more but next time I will come prepared to conquer Bangkok and the heat!

It is such a vibrant city that I felt too overwhelmed at times. The people are really kind and the food is so amazing!

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  1. Wow - so beautiful!
    I bet the food is delicious! What's your favorite so far?:)


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